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Every week our film crew heads out to communities across this great land of ours to look into the lives of street rodders, both young and old, male and female to see why this is more than a lifestyle, it’s an addiction. Street Rodding American Style can be seen every week on KPTS/PBS. intro

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The Thumbs Up Club is to honor those who own or build street rods. Here you will find cars from previous shows and cars that belong street rodders from all across the country.

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A Rat Rod appears unfinished whether they actually are or not with just the bare essentials to be driven. Sometimes the customization will include the use of spare parts or parts from another vehicle.


Ethyl was the common term for high performance commercial gasoline containing lead back in the mid 1900’s. The term Ethyl came from the anti-knock agent, “tetraethyl lead”, that was added to the fuel.