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French headlights are headlights that have been recessed or molded into the body to give a smoother look to the vehicle. The name originated from the end result looking like a French cuff of a shirt sleeve.


The 8-71 is a size classification of a blower. It was originally designed by the Root brothers for use in diesel trucks by GMC. The number 8 means it was made for an 8 cylinder and the number 71 indicates it is displacing 71 cubic inches per cylinder.


This is describing the characteristics of a torque converter. The True Stall Speed is the maximum engine RPM achieved from a complete stop, with the automatic transmission in gear, the brakes applied and the engine at full throttle. The RPM reached just before the vehicle moves forward is the True Stall Speed of the engine.


A Double Pumper is a 4 barrel carburetor from Holley Carburetors. It has 2 accelerator pumps, 1 for the front 2 barrels, (or primary circuits) and 1 for the back 2 barrels, (or secondary circuits).